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Easiest Mexican Dip With Just 4 Ingredients

Mexican Dip Appetizer

Easy Mexican Dip With Just 4 Ingredients
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Rotel Mexican Dip, Just 4 Ingredients!

Mexican Dip Ingredients

There is always plenty to do when entertaining, so when you can find a quick throw-together recipe for entertaining then PIN, PIN, PIN it for later use!!!

I actually got these recipes years, yes many years ago I am afraid, from a gal I worked with named Chris. She always said it was great to keep these ingredients on hand in case you have guests pop over and you needed to serve something. That advice has definitely paid off. I always keep these magic four ingredients in the pantry, tucked in a corner, just in case…

Tortilla chips and some kind of Mexican dip are always popular appetizers option. Many go for the sour cream-based dips, and while I do love them, many in my family do not care for mayo or sour cream. That being said, this recipe offers a wonderful texture, beautiful colors, and a tangy taste that keeps you digging in for more.

No need to overcomplicate things here. Just pull together the 4 needed ingredients, most of which you are likely to have on hand:

1 -10 ounces can of Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies – Mild or Hot your choice. – drained

1 – 15 ounces can of Black Beans – drained and rinsed well.

1- 15 ounces can of corn, drained.

1 12 ounces bottle of the Zesty Italian Dressing, using about 1/2

Making The Mexican Dip

Grab a serving bowl of your choice. This dip recipe makes between 4 and 5 cups of salsa dip. There are plenty of difficult appetizers, this simply is not one of them!

Open up the can of corn, and the Rotel and drain it before you add it to the bowl. Then open the black beans. Be sure to rinse off the black beans and add them to the same bowl. Combine the corn, beans, and Rotel until mixed evenly.

Now squeeze in the Zesty Italian dressing until you get the consistency to your liking. I do not like too much liquid so I use about half of the bottle, but you can always adjust. Keep the remainder of the dressing on hand, and if the dip gets a bit dry, add some to the bowl when guests are not looking!

Serving This Mexican Dip

This dip does taste better when the flavors have had a chance to come together. I try to give this a couple of hours prior to serving as a good measure.

This Mexican Dip is best served with traditional FRESH tortilla chips. I often stop into a Mexican restaurant and buy a couple of bags of fresh chips to serve the dip. If you are lucky your grocery store may have them fresh too. They are definitely more expensive than the big branded chips in the grocery store, but they are so worth the effort and money,

Now dig in!!

Favorite Serving Occasions

As I mentioned earlier, I definitely whip this together for a last-minute option if I find myself entertaining unexpectedly.

Beyond that though, this is my go-to for every summer party since it is not mayo or sour cream-based you do not have to worry about spoilage with the hot weather.

I also like to serve this gem for euchre card parties and events like the occasional poker party, or holiday parties. Oh, I don’t want to forget the big one…. this is a must for the Superbowl party!


Did You Make This Recipe?
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IMG 3085
Beautiful color and texture with this Mexican Dip! YUM!

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