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Sweet Fresh-Roasted Beets With Onions

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With The Beet Of My Heart

I love beets. Maybe it’s because of my Greek heritage, so it’s in my DNA, or maybe it’s because I love them, period! When I was young, we ate beets in salads, we ate beets and onions soaked in oil olive and red wine vinegar, and yes, in full disclosure….I have been known to eat them right out of the can. There is a lot of ways to eat beets, actually, like making soups, pickling them, or my favorite way is to roast them until they get that candy-like taste!

Beets ARE Good For You

Beets are actually referred to as a superfood. It’s said that they are full antioxidants, so they help detox the body and fight inflammation. They are also supposed to give you more energy, improve your thinking and leave your skin looking amazing. Don’t take it from me, check out the all the benefits in this article from WebMD on Beetroot.

Not sure about all that, because to be honest, I eat them because I love them, but it never hurts to eat something that your body might love too! In my opinion, there’s really nothing quite like roasted beets. The natural sugars caramelize in the hot oven taking on a lovely sweetness. The sweetness is balanced so nicely with the sliced onion that you have to have another bite.

Best Beets

Beautiful raw beets and onions ready for roasting.
Beautiful raw beets and onions ready for roasting.

The beets are easily found in your local grocery store all year long in the produce section near the other root vegetables. They are often a staple at the farmers’ market throughout the summer and early fall. Most don’t know that beets also come in a golden variety too. They are beautifully mixed to roast or even in a beet salad with a vinaigrette.
Ideally, you want to look for beets that are bigger and more mature -the size of a peach or so. They will be easier to prep and will turn candy-like when roasted. I usually allow for one beet per person when planning a side dish for serving.

Tips When Making Roasted Beets:

This recipe is pretty straightforward. When making roasting beets, please keep the following in mind:

  • Try to pick beets in a bunch that is similar in size so they will cook evenly and do not require a lot of cutting up.
  • Remove the greens and set them aside. Many eat the beet greens like swiss chard, bok choy, or spinach substitute. You can even add the greens raw to the salad you may be serving, but note that they have a slightly bitter profile. They also hold a lot of vitamins, so if that’s your jam, don’t waste them!
  • Grab some kitchen prep gloves if you have them. The beets are going to stain your hands if you do not! It’s always smart to keep a box handy for prep use.
  • Peel the beets with a traditional potato peeler-or with a paring knife as my grandmother taught me to do. It does take a sharp knife and steady hand not to remove too much beet, though. If you’re not comfortable, then peel away skins with the potato peeler.
  • Do not rush the roasting process. The sweetness comes with they caramelization when roasted for at least an hour. Allow enough time in the oven before you serve.
  • Use a cast-iron skillet if you have one because I find that it conducts the heat so nicely in the oven, and you can take it right to the table to serve on a trivet. One less dish to wash!
Roasted beets with onions fresh out of the oven.
Roasted beets with onions fresh out of the oven.

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When you are tired of the same potato or green bean options, be adventuresome and reach for beets. They are easy to prepare, they are good FOR YOU, and the candy-like taste will have even the kids cleaning their plates. Or if you are looking for another delicious veggie side dish that isn’t boring, check out the Sweet Yet Savory Caramelized Carrot recipe. YUM!

Nutritional Disclaimer

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