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Hearty Homemade Buttery Drop Biscuits

As southern as you can get, these homemade buttermilk biscuits are worth of slopping up any proudly made gravy for breakfast.
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Everyone must have a go-to Hearty Homemade Buttery Drop Biscuit recipe in their arsenal. I’m lucky that I married into a family with roots in Alabama, where biscuits are not something to be taken lightly. In the south, they don’t spend a great deal of time on fancy ingredients or complicated recipes that take days to make. The goal of the biscuit was to help those around the table sop up the proudly made sausage gravy, just like this one, and get to work.

When To Make Drop Biscuits?

This hearty drop biscuit will hold up the thickest gravy but is still soft enough to be enjoyed with a soup or a hearty chili. Biscuits are even delicious in their simplest form, with your favorite jam or a simple chunk of butter that melts just before you take a bite.

These drop biscuits, made with simple ingredients you will already have in your kitchen, and you can whip these drop biscuits up in 10 minutes and have them on the table in 25 minutes from the start!

Homemade Buttery Drop Biscuits Ingredients

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Hearty Homemade Buttery Drop Biscuits Ingredients
  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Sugar
  • Butter- unsalted
  • Whole milk

So Quick and Easy To Make!

This drop biscuit recipe’s success will be getting that oven nice and hot. So while your oven is heating up to 450 degrees, start to prepare your baking sheet pans. It’s best to have these ready so that once you make the dough, you’re getting them straight into the oven after baking powder has is activated to be sure the biscuits rise. Take two baking pans and line them with parchment paper. The recipe will make about 15 drop biscuits, and you do not want to crowd them.

Next, grab a large mixing bowl. Add all of the dry ingredients, the flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. To sift or not to sift is often debated. Providing your flour is not clumpy, don’t sift because the ingredients blend easily, and it wouldn’t improve the recipe’s outcome.

Now, put the butter in a glass dish (I like to put it in a Pyrex glass measuring cup) and melt the butter in the microwave for 1 minute or so depending on the microwave oven’s strength until fully melted. The butter needs to sit for a bit to cool down. Measure your whole milk and add it to the now cooled butter and mix.

Time for the classic, add wet ingredients to dry and mix the biscuit dough until moistened with a fork. Do not overwork the dough here. Start to drop heaping spoonfuls of the dough onto the prepared baking sheet pans. Keep the spoonfuls as consistent in size as possible to ensure even biscuits. A 4-ounce scoop works well. 

Cook the drop biscuits for 11-13 minutes, depending on your oven. The biscuits are done when the top peaks and edges turn golden brown. Serve them warm with your family favorite jam, or preferably under this Best Ever Southern Sausage Gravy recipe, and enjoy!

If you love this Hearty Homemade Drop Biscuit recipe, you just have to try our Best Ever Southern Sausage Gravy!

This hearty homemade drop biscuit recipe originated from the South,  Alabama actually where biscuits are a very serious matter to be reckoned with.  Using very few ingredients and super easy to make.
Hearty Homemade Buttery Drop Biscuits

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