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Sweet Lemony Bundt Cake Recipe Proven To Impress

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Bakery Beautiful

This Sweet Lemony Bundt Cake is so beautiful it’s a must serve when you are entertaining! It tells your guests that they are worthy of more than a box cake for dessert. The sugary sweet lemon glaze glistens the outside of this cake decorating the groves yet still pooling around the patter, just begging for a finger swipe. Topped with candied lemon zest, this Sweet Lemony Bundt Cake looks like you ordered it from a fancy bakery.

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Ok, so back to this stunning Bundt cake!

Yes, A Bundt Cake

First, let’s take a moment to celebrate the interesting shape the Bundt cake pan gives this cake. If you’re like me, you may remember that your mom made them for in-home demonstrations with friends. The Bundt cake pan was invented in the 1950s, and the cake took off and became very popular in the ’70s. Pillsbury recognized its potential and developed a full line of Bundt cake box options you could purchase at the grocery store. These cake box options were necessary because traditionally, the cake batter you use for a successful Bundt cake has more moisture than a traditional cake batter.

A Bundt cake is not an expensive pan to purchase. The price range goes from $12 to $40, depending on where you go. I prefer to stay with the Nordic Ware cookware manufacturer company, which was the first company to trademark the name and has the most experience producing quality pans. You should always buy quality when you can! You want the cake to turn out perfect. Make sure it’s non-stick and made from heat-responsive cast aluminum to promote uniform baking and a golden-brown exterior.

Lemons, Lemons, And More Lemons:

As the name notes, this Lemony Bundt Cake has many lemons in this cake. The lemony flavor comes from the effort you put into those lemons! You need to squeeze them, zest them, and sugar them. In any case, you can’t get this done without a good quality lemon zester and lemon juicer.

I prefer to use a handheld lemon zester over the old-school box zester because I seem to zest my knuckles more than the lemon when I use box one. I also like to see how much lemon I have zested while zesting.

For a juicer, I suggest keeping it simple. While, I have used the juicer where you twist half of the lemon, and the juice collects in the jar below, and it works well. The issue here is that there are more parts to wash than necessary. Whether it’s lemons or limes, I find it is easiest to just cut and squeeze half of the fruit over a small strainer to catch the seeds.

Sweet Lemony Bundt Cake Ingredients

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  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • Granulated sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Lemon zest
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Whole milk
  • Unsalted butter, cubed

Lemon Glaze:

  • Powder sugar
  • Fresh lemon juice

Sugared Lemon Zest:

  • Lemon zest
  • Granulated sugar

Tips & Tricks:

This cake recipe is pretty straight forward, but there are a couple of points worth noting:

  • Invest in the cake’s success and prep all of the various lemons so you do not get confused along the way.
  • Greasing that Bundt pan will be critical when releasing the cake later. Use a pastry brush and brush the Crisco into all the creases. Take a couple of tablespoons of flour to flour the pan.
  • Don’t rush it! You want to be sure to let the Bundt cake sit for 5 minutes before you take your serving platter and turn the cake over onto it.
  • The cake will last for four days in a covered cake stand, but it never goes uneaten for that long.

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