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Treasured Sugar Cookie

A cookie that is eats like a shortbread cookie but has the sweetness of a sugar cookie!
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Quick and easy, treasured sugar cookies! They are an excellent combination of a sugar cookie with a shortbread twist. This is my sister-in-law Michelle’s recipe, and after watching people flock to the dish every time she makes them; I knew I had to share them with you! Fair warning …you cannot just eat one!

You can top them with beautiful colored sugar or even chocolate on top, and they are fantastic.  You can add one or two to your kid’s lunchbox, appreciate your buddy with a plate of these cookies, or put them beside your “sugar’s” morning coffee. Nothing speaks to love than these treasured sugar cookies.

Treasured Sugar Cookie Ingred Final
Ingredients for Treasured Sugar Cookies


All-purpose flour

Powder sugar

Granulated sugar


Vegetable oil



Baking soda


Sugar sprinkles 


I can barely hold in my excitement as I measure all of the ingredients out and prepare them for use. These cookies are such a favorite in our house. Literally my boys race to the plate to grab them when they are warm. My son Conor will put 6 of these cookies away in one sitting. Anyway, make a note that these recipe ingredients need to added in a specific order. To be sure you are ready as needed, take the time to measure out everything first.

Let’s get the oven nice and hot with a target temperature of 350 degrees. I quickly pull several cookie sheets out and place a pre-cut parchment paper (❤) on each one. Setting the cookie sheets aside, I grab my hand mixer and get to creaming the butter, and both sugars and mix well. I usually use my hand mixer for a one batch baking setting. I have the professional Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but it is like a full work out session moving that thing around. I haven”t even walked by a gym in years, so unless I am going to do batches and batches of cookies, then forget that.

With the butter and sugar creamed, you will add…pay attention here…. the oil, the eggs, the vanilla in that order to bowl, mixing all along. Then add the baking soda, a pinch of salt and the flour. I like to add the flour in thirds to ensure you get a nice dough like the picture below.

Cookie Dough Final
Continue to mix the remain third of flour until the dough comes together as pictured.

Depending on your how well you eyeball a ball of dough, you could either measure out about a tablespoon of dough, or use a small scooper like it do that ensures a consistent cookie dough ball. I use the 60/1 Tablespoon size which is about $7 but worth every penny when you want to get these in the oven quickly.

In a perfect world you should roll into balls and place on prepared cookie sheets. In full disclosure, I just scoop and plop those suckers down on the cookie sheets if these are just for my family. There will be a noticeable finished texture difference. The finished picture cookies show here were rolled prior so they are smoother. Honestly, they are gone so fast, no one notices, certainly not by the third or fourth!

Just before they are put in the oven, take the tines of a fork dipped in the flour, and make cross-hatch marks, a.k.a hashtag#, on the top of each of the balls, careful not to flatten the cookie.

Sprinkle each cookie with sugar if you desire. For the holidays these cookies are beautiful with gold and red sprinkles. Other times of the year, I love the classic white sugar.

You will want to bake these gems anywhere from 12-20 minutes depending on your oven. You want to watch them closely the first baking to gauge the time, keeping in mind you do not want the bottom of the cookie to get too dark.

Final Cookie Close up non christmas 1
Treasured Sugar Cookie served with your favorite coffee blend.

Being a simple girl, no fancy dessert is needed after a meal. A simple cookie and my favorite coffee blend is the perfect way to end the day. If you want to look at other options for meal ending sweet, take a look at Sweet Lemony Bundt Cake Recipe Proven To Impress or The Best Rich Honey And Nutty Baklava.

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